Server Terms

Note: Whether or not to read the following terms, join the server that acquiescence has accepted and accepted the contents of the terms.

1. The server prohibits malicious theft and destruction of public and private property.

2. Server within the prohibition of malicious PVP, for the loss caused by malicious pvp, by the two players to resolve their own consultations.

3. Prohibit the use of other players affecting the server, operating and violating Chinese law. Otherwise the management has the right to remove / block the user who violates the provision

4. Any cheating on the server (including but not limited to transparent material,such as X-ray, flying,   cheat mod, client, etc.).

5. The server has the right to process any player’s account (any operations and delete account data).

6. For players under 16 years of age, please obtain the guardian’s consent before sponsoring the server. If the sponsorship, the default to meet the requirements.

7. Players may not ask the administrator to respond to the requirements of the game balance, otherwise the administrator has the right to implement the removal / ban processing.

8. The other is not included in the above, but the future may occur, the management group always has the final interpretation.

The penalties for breach of the regulations are determined by the management and / or the player, and if there is any doubt or objection, a complaint may be lodged with the management group within 48 hours after the punishment decision is made.

If you can not accept the terms, please withdraw from the server immediately.

Other specific changes due to server development or change of course will be updated at any time without notice.

The server management group always reserves the right to interpret the above terms.

Shiyi management group

February 9, 2017